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"The road of spices"
Educational game.Relive the adventure of the great East Indies companies. Charter ships to set out to conquer new territories and acquire a monopoly in the spice trade, such was the objective of the shipowners of the various East Indies companies in the 17th and 18th centuries. Relive this adventure by learning to recognise the aromas of the spices, how to buy them at a good price, then resell them in other parts of the world at a profit and return as quickly as possible to Europe with the precious bounty. A tactical game to understand the workings of trade, to relive the adventures of the first navigators and to discover the dangers of life at sea.
Ref. 109 La Route Des Epices
Box contents :
• 1 game board
• 16 spice diffusers
• 66 cards
• 72 spice bails
• 54 gold coins
• 5 ships
• 5 ship counters
• 9 small barrels
• 1 set of instructions

2 to 5 players
Game : 1 h
Volume : 370 * 290 * 60 mm
Weight : 1275 g.

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Card game "Lollypops"
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"Lilly Frog"
Strategy game. In the tree frog pool, it’s time to raise the frog chorus to bring on the rains, so vital for cool skins. But these little tree frogs don’t have very loud voices! So they have to get together into groups of 4 so that the clouds can hear their calling. A game of strategy which involves aligning 4 frogs of your colour so that they can start their chorus.
Ref. 129 Lilly Frog
Package Contents :
• 12 hand-painted wooden frogs
• 1 wooden game board
• 1 beginners manual with 3 game rules
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Magic Puzzle Cube, 11 cm
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Magic Sand Set with Sandbox and Molds 17 pcs
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