"Lilly Frog"

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Strategy game. In the tree frog pool, it’s time to raise the frog chorus to bring on the rains, so vital for cool skins. But these little tree frogs don’t have very loud voices! So they have to get together into groups of 4 so that the clouds can hear their calling. A game of strategy which involves aligning 4 frogs of your colour so that they can start their chorus.
Ref. 129 Lilly Frog
Package Contents :
• 12 hand-painted wooden frogs
• 1 wooden game board
• 1 beginners manual with 3 game rules
Strateegia mäng kahele mängijale alates 4. a. 
Ref. 129 "Konnad"
Lehekonnatiigis on aeg kasvatada vihma väljakutsumiseks konnade koor. 
Ainult, et konnadel pole kõva häält! Seega on vaja nad koondada. 
Strateegiamäng, mis hõlmab mängija valitud värviga nelja konna ühendamist, et moodustada koor.
Mäng on puidust.
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