My creative manicure kit

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My creative manicure kit
Boast the hands of a princess with this fashionable manicure kit. Young girls will be able to spend an afternoon painting the nails green, blue or pink, with varnishes that come off at the first wash. For those who have permission to do so, the colour can last a few hours longer with a layer of transparent varnish. The nails can also be made to shine with a polisher or be decorated with a finely pointed white varnish pencil or covered with golden sparkle. By applying the very discreet and natural looking mini false nails, young girls who bite their nails will quickly want to stop this bad habit. These false nails can be removed in warm water without being damaged. A very fashionable kit, which respects the limits of good taste!

Package Contents :
  • 5 coloured varnishes washable with soap and water
  • 1 nail brush
  • 24 self-adhesive mini false nails
  • 1 transparent varnish
  • 1 tube of golden glitter
  • 1 four-sided nail-buffer allowing nails to be buffed evenly
  • 1 flask of soft almond oil
  • 1 wooden cuticle stick
  • Decorative stickers for nails
  • 1 varnish pencil for decorating the nails
  • 1 instruction sheet
Dismension : 285x285x52 mm
Weight : 690 gr
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