Ceramic painting

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Gypsine is a new revolutionnary, natural and reusable moulding material! In five minutes, without even adding water, you can create wonderful figurines and hollow castings. Perfect to create all sorts of objects, Gypsine is a subsitute for traditional moulding materials, such as plaster, with numerous advantages! It is pigmented, light, smooth, glossy and can be reused several times if the result is unsatisfying. This revolutionary approach to moulding was conceived by Veronique Debroise so that all generations can discover the pleasures of this art. This kit was designed to rotomould a series of funny and multicoloured owls!
Perfect to decorate bedrooms, these figurines can also be turned into piggy banks since Gypsine can be remoulded as many times as You wish.
Ref. 2661 The funny owls
Box contents :
4 felt pens
80 g of yellow Gypsine
80 g of raspberry coloured Gypsine
1 mould
1 set of instructions

Volume : 205 * 250 * 63 mm
Weight : 600 g
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