Solar Rechargeable Kit Dinosaur / Educational Kit Solar Robot 4 in 1

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One day a dinosaur, one day a robot, and one day a drilling machine – the sky is the limit with this building kit! The Little Treasures Solar Four in One Robot kit is educational, enjoyable, and formatted just for kids. Children will enjoy building models, and will be thrilled to discover the power of the sun that can run their toy! Description: The Little Treasures Solar Four in One Solar Walking Robots Kit is one of the best toys to invest it. It can be a variety of imagination fueling characters that a child will be thrilled to play with. It offers flexibility so that the child can change his mind one day and play with a different toy, and the parts are durable and safe. The different options are all powered with solar panels, which makes it even better!
Make up a dinosaur, robot, drilling machine, or insect!
The small sized solar panel powers the devices, providing hours of enjoyment!
Children can figure out how to build this toy within an hour!
Extremely durable, plastic, safe and non-toxic materials make up each piece of this toy!
Recommended for children who are ten years of age or older.
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