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Patarev is the modelling clay that all mothers have always dreamed of! It does not stain nor does it stick to fingers or tables. It dries in the air, so you can keep your creations. In addition, it bounces, is scented, can be rehydrated, and the colours mix perfectly to make a wide range of bright colours. Its light and elastic texture makes it a joy to handle and encourages creativity at any age.
Package Contents :
• 6 x 18 g pots : blue, yellow, red, white, green, purple
• 1 set of step-by-step instructions showing how to make 14 different designs.
Volume : 220 * 147 * 30 mm
Weight : 290 g
Patarev - uuenduslik plastiliin.
Paterev on plastiliin, millest iga ema on alati unistanud! See ei jäta plekke ega kleepu ei näppude, riiete ega laua külge. Lisaboonusena seda saab lõhnastada, uuesti niisutada ja selle värvid segunevad ideaalselt, tekitades laia ja ereda värvipaleti. Plastiliini kerge ja elastse tekstuuriga on mõnus töötada ning see ergutab loovust igas eas.
Ref. 850  Patarevi põhikomplekt
6 x 18 gr topsi: sinine-kollane-punane-valge-roheline-lilla
1 detailne juhend seletab kuidas teha 14 erinevat kuju.
Suurus: 220x147x30 mm 
Kaal: 290 gr
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